Fence Kira Elliott


“I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. Also in singing, especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed.”  ― Mary Oliver

The last week the sky has been a low dense expanse of soft white-gray cloud cover. The trees are stark and bare, the grass brown and dead. Even the early mornings are filled with stillness as the chickadees and finches slumber longer, waiting for the sun to rise.

Darkness now covers over 13 hours of our days and we still have a week left before the Winter Solstice. December holidays lights are the only brightness in an otherwise bleak landscape.

The benefit of low cloud cover means warmer temperatures (for Detroit standards) and I want to ride my bike one last time before deep snows blankets the region. I want to go hike in the woods and feel my blood pumping through my veins. I want to feel the damp cold air in my lungs.

And yet, my foot is still healing from surgery last October. I now can wear my Keens (a wide boxy toe is a good thing) but I lost my gait from the weeks on crutches and then the walking cast, so I limp and shuffle. Plus, my foot still swells and is tender when I am standing too long.

I will have to wait to wander the trails or ride my bike. Perhaps I will go and sit under the pine trees on the edge of my yard. There I can let the scent of pine, damp earth and wood burning from the neighbors stove permeate into my soft body.

At any rate, here is this week’s Inspiration to Open Your Heart. May at least one of these items help you to live with an open heart this week.


It’s Not Too Late to Make a Difference TED talk by Jonathan Sackner-Bernstein- As someone who is entering my mid-40’s, I found this talk inspiring and reassuring. Age is an advantage. I have found my “mold” and I am taking all of my skills, wisdom and experience to make a difference. It does not matter what age you are, watch this now.

51 of the Most Beautiful Sentences in Literature via BuzzFeed- There is so much goodness here.

Dave Engledow and his daughter Alice Bee– These photographs are amazing and super funny.

About Getting Good: The Many Paths of Literary Mastery by Melissa Frederick- A good reminder of how to get good—keep writing and sharing.

A Heart Wide Open by Joel and Michelle Levy- Here is a good reflection on living with an open heart.

Finally, Writing to Open Your Heart registration is open. Writing to Open Your Heart is an online creative writing workshop that starts on January 31, 2015 and runs for 6 weeks. Space is limited to 10 writers, so if you are thinking of joining now is the time.


Happy Sunday and may your coming week be filled with moments to breath deeply and pause to hear the birds sing. ~ Kira