Lilly Pond Chicago

Today is a cold rainy day in Detroit. I am getting ready to fly south to the semi-warmer beaches of Virginia beach, VA with my brother for my sister’s wedding. I think this will be first time we have all been together since my brothers wedding back in 2012. Before that it was for my second wedding back in 2008.

If you haven’t guessed yet, we are not a very close family like my partner Jay’s family. He has 5 brothers and sisters and they talk, text and connect on a regular basis. There is an all family birthday party at least once a month. I wish my family was that connected but we are not,  I work on reaching out and connecting more but it seems we always fall back into the comfort of distance. Perhaps we can figure out a way to break the spell of only seeing each other for weddings and/or funerals.

Regardless of our past patterns, I am looking forward to seeing the ocean, warmer weather and spending time with my family. Every time I do, I learn so much about myself and my heart opens.

I am also participating in Susannah Conway’s Photo Mediations this month, so camera in hand I am off to scout what images my heart is speaking.

This weeks Inspiration to Open Your Heart is about creating peace, writing and capturing childhood memories with photography.

7 Tips to De-stress Your Home by Karen Maezen Miller- Wonderful, doable suggestions to create peace in your home.

Ed Grossman- Sunday Drive– I love Polaroid photography. This is a beautiful collection about childhood and magic really. One day I am going to get my own Polaroid camera. The cost of the film scares me.

Block-Busting: 14 Never-Tricks Every Writer Needs to KnowJenna McGuiggan sent me this post of tried and true and some new to me methods for getting over a block in your writing.

The Art of Timing with Alan Watts via Brain Pickings– A great meditation about our relationship to time and hurrying.

Thank You/Please More- Links for Writing Inspiration via Deb Cooperman- Ok, I feel like I am cheating here by using someone else’s link round up but Deb is a writer and teacher with great style and great links for the writing life. Go check her out. She also teaches creative writing workshops based on the AWA method.

Don’t forget to check out information about my upcoming creative writing retreats and workshops.


May your coming week be filled connection, words and images from your heart. ~Kira