Honor Your Voice Creative Writing Retreat

AWA Writing

Do you hear a whisper of stories, words and images that gurgle around inside of you and you shoo them away, telling yourself you don’t have time or worse you are not a writer?

Does it feel audacious to consider yourself a writer?

I want to help you discover and honor your authentic voice through creative writing.

I believe everyone is a writer and has stories, words and images the world needs to hear. I believe that we when dare to write our words and stories, magic happens and hearts open. Honor Your Voice is an online day long creative writing retreat based on the Amherst Writers and Artist Method. The AWA method creates a safe nurturing environment to access and learn to trust your voice.

As a certified AWA Leader, I will lead you through a day of writing sessions from the comfort of your own home.

Here is an opportunity to write in real-time with ten other writers from all over the world in the comfort of your own home using video conferencing.

This writing retreat is for new writers, those who have wanted to write but don’t think they can and experienced writers.

The goal is to give yourself the gift of time, to make writing a priority and be part of a supportive community of writers. The goal is connect and honor your voice and your heart.

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How it works:

Each writing session will consist of writing together in real-time via a HD video conference and then each writer is given the opportunity to read their work out loud if they choose. Writers will receive feedback from fellow writers about what worked or stayed with the listeners. This is a very powerful process that creates a safe environment to explore and learn to trust your authentic voice.

This is very different than other writing workshops or retreats, there is no criticism on first draft material. There is a time and place for constructive criticism but not here, now we are growing, nurturing, allowing the heart to expand and finding the courage to let others hear our words.

Space is limited to 10 writers for the day long retreat


Next Honor Your Voice Retreat is scheduled for Late Summer of 2015

Why I teach creative writing workshops and retreats:

Writing is the way I breathe and make sense of the world. I am a writer and an artist with over 12 years of experience with the Amherst Writers and Artist Method. I am someone who was told I never could write and learned to overcome the doubt and fear to put myself out there anyways.

The gift of owning my identity as a writer came from the years I participated in an Amherst Writer and Artist (AWA) creative writing workshop. One of the basic foundations of the AWA method is the profound belief that everyone is a writer (no matter background, education or life circumstance) and everyone has a creative genius. The years I spent in the warm nurturing environment of an AWA workshop helped me learn not only to hear my writing voice but to trust and own it. It is because of the AWA method I can call myself a writer.

And that is why I invested time and money to become a certified AWA workshop leader, because I want to help give this gift to others. I want others to know the deep profound joy and connection available to them when they learn to hear and trust their creative writing voice.

I want others to own being a writer too.

Participation is simple, all you need is:
  • A Computer with:
  • Broadband internet that will support video conferencing
  • A webcam and a headset with a mic.
  • Notebooks and pens
  • Time to attend each writing session at the scheduled times
  • An open mind to trust the next thought, image, or word.
  • Willingness to suspend judgement and self-condemnation.
  • Willingness to be vulnerable

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What Others are saying about Kira:

Kira has a gift of observing and communicating what she sees in a way that inspires me to look again, from a different point of view that enriches what I first saw.

She has a passion for writing, communicating (in words and images), sharing and growing. Kira’s capacity for deep listening and reflection + her way of guiding helps draw these capacities out in others.

Beth Pastore

Kira knows how to move through life’s pain using writing and photography to be present with it and transform it. Kira is an extremely talented woman with an extreme capacity to see and be a supportive witness to others as they move through vulnerable times. She is  real, down to earth and safe. She is deep, loving and generous. Kira holds wisdom from personal experience that connects us quickly with her. Her process and ability to share from the heart help others feel safe to do the same.

Catherine Just

Because Kira is learning how to embrace both grief and joy in her life, she’s able to share how she does it with others. Following her recent foot surgery, she had to ask for help and accept it. Through her example, I’ve been learning how to do the same. I think because Kira is a genuine person that her class on Writing To Open Your Heart will be filled with support and understanding. There is a deep current of feeling that runs through Kira’s writing.  Learning to open your heart through writing will be well worth the time and investment with a gifted person like Kira!

Loran Hills

When I read Kira’s writing, it feels just like I am sitting next to her, being part of the place where she is writing, experiencing her feelings as the way she describe the setting and the situations she is going through speak directly to the heart (feelings) and to my imagination (scenery/setting). One thing I’ve learned from Kira is the courage she show by sharing authenticity, her real self, without opting for a pseudonym, without hiding, without glossing over the truth. I really like her down-to-earth character, no nonsense mentality and I value these strengths of hers deeply.

Elke Colle

I think it’s pretty clear Kira is not afraid to be vulnerable even when it’s uncomfortable.  That is a huge strength.  Many people deny and hide but she seems to be able to or at least try to sit with “it” and deal and feel.  I think she has a lot to teach people about that. Kira practices what she preaches and puts in lots of time and action into cultivating an open heart in the face of some difficult situations.

Anne Beach

I look forward to writing with you and sharing the journey of honoring your voice.

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