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Kira Elliott Open Hearted Writing Practice

“We make our lives bigger or smaller, more expansive or more limited, according to the interpretation of life that is our story.”

― Christina Baldwin


I am offering a free, yes I said free, mini course where I share what an open-hearted writing practice is, how I developed my own writing practice and most importantly, how I maintain it with self compassion and kindness. This is practical down-to-earth advice about overcoming the fear of opening your heart on the page and start a writing practice that works for you, no matter if you are an established writer or someone new to writing.

Why am I offering this training free?

Because I speak with too many women, writers and non-writers, who are scared to open up on the page, who don’t trust their voice, let alone their stories. I hear too many women who make writing another should in their lives and beat themselves up because they don’t write enough. I know too many women who know how much writing, whether it be personal expressive writing, writing for publication or for longer projects, helps to connect with their truths but don’t prioritize practice.

I have over 25 years of experience writing past fears, doubts and extreme amounts of not good enough feelings. I keep showing up on the page consistently because it means I get to own my stories.

I am sharing this free because I want give you tools to own your own story so you can, as Brene Brown says, write your own ending. I want to empower you and give you permission to be kind and compassionate with your writing practice.

I know that an open hearted writing practice can transform lives, I have witnessed this not only in my own life but in others as well. In short, I am offering it free because as corny as it sounds, this is what I can do to help others and make the world a better place.


 How to Develop an Open Hearted Writing Practice is Yours Free!

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“Writing is both an act of power and surrender. Passion and discovery. It is a tug at your soul that continues to pull you forward, even as you go kicking and screaming.” 

― Laraine Herring

Kira Elliott Open Hearted Practice